Repair Silhouette, Duette, Wood Blind, Roman Shade, Honeycomb
Restring Broken Cords Blind Shade, Fix Tilt Gear
Blind Shade Repair
(888) 808-6772. We Repair Blinds, Shades,
Duette, Silhouette, Honeycomb, Drapes.
restring broken blinds shades
  • Restring Cellular Shades
  • Restring Mini Blinds, Wood Blinds
  • Restring Cord Loop Shades
  • Restring Top-Down, Bottom-Up Shade
  • Restring Cordless Shade

  • Tilt Gears
  • Cord Locks
  • Cordloop Clutches
  • Ladder Tapes
  • Motorized Remote Control

  • Length on Mini, Wood Blinds
  • Length on Cellular Shades

CLEAN: Blinds, Shades, Draperies, Luminette, Silhoutte, Duette
Do Your Blinds have:
  • Non-responsive Tilt Gear?
  • Pull-out Headrail Frame?
  • Damaged, Broken Cords?
Blind Shade Repair
DBA: Cleaners To Your Door
5837 Camden Ave #B, San Jose, CA 95124

We repair blinds & shades of these brands::
Hunter Douglas,  Graber/Springs  Bali, Kirsch , Levolor, Spring Window Fashions, Timberblinds ,
Nanik  Comfortex, Kensington , Verosol , Smith & Noble, Pella, Louverdrape , Alta,  Delmar  M&B
Window Covering, Prestige Window Fashions,  Mark Window Coverings,  Skandia Window Fashions  

* 50% OFF regular price cleaning.  Prices varies depend on the size of your blinds, shades and type.
**Additional shade of $40 repair is for blinds, shades less than 40in wide, manual operation, standard
pull type.

We Repair & Restring Blinds, Shades.

How  Blinds, Shades REPAIR Works
Tall Blind Shipping Box
Step1: Complete the Packing List, CLICK HERE.

You can ship your blinds, shades to us using your own box & your own
This will be the fastest way. We provide FREE Return Shipping to You.

OR, If you need a packaging box, please let us know that when Fill out the
Packing List.   For your convenience, you can purchase Prepaid Shipping
Label  for a flat rate of $20 (up to 4 blinds).  ORDER your Packaging Box
together with Prepaid Shipping Label with the link ABOVE.  We will provide
FREE Return Shipping to You.

We'll prepare your Shipping Kit:
  • Pack your box. The box size varies depend on your blinds size and the quantity.  
    Oversize shipping will apply if your blind is longer than 4ft (48 inches).
  • Prepare your pre-paid shipping labels, packing list, polybag    
Blind Repair Pick up Delivery
Step 2: PACK. When you receive the Shipping Kit:(if you order it)
  • Fill out the Packing LIst, double check Prepaid Shipping Labels for correct info
  • Place your blinds in the polybag & tie both ends to avoid misplaced parts.
  • Put the blinds in the shipping box, stuff the box with scrap papers, seal it.
  • Drop off the box at convenient FedEx locations (OR call FedEx 800-463-3339
    for pick up at your home, additional $3 for pick up at home option)

NOTE: if you are shipping blinds, KEEP THE WANDS, VALANCES AT YOUR HOME
and reattach them later.
These fragile accessories break easily during shipping if not
pack properly.
Blind Shade Repair Delivery
Step 3: Rehang your Cleaned Window Coverings to Enjoy Your Privacy, Light,  
and the Gorgeous View again.

When we receive your blinds, they will be inspected & repaired by a team of Certified
Experts. After repair, we carefully pack the window coverings and return them to you.
Cleaners To Your Door introduces a revolutionary way to clean your window coverings.  
  • How do you like the idea of having NO Questionable STRANGERS messing around your home?  
  • How about STOP WORRY about  whether your cleaners would be on time or worse yet a No Show?
Our solutions: Ship your precious blinds to us. We provide Free Box, Free Return Shipping. Your shades & blinds will be
cleaned and repaired by a team of Certified Experts with a Reasonable Price.  Your Window Coverings will be taken care
of by the best professionals in the nation, while YOU have complete control of your Time, Privacy and Peace of Mind.

What are you waiting for?  Fix your blinds today to enjoy the views & ... brightness again.
Duette Honeycomb Repair Restring
Silhouette Shade Repair Restring
Roman Shade Repair Restring
Wood Mini Blind Repair Restring
Duette, Honeycomb,
Cellular Retring

  • 1 shade (up to 60in
  • Free Return Shipping
  • Free Shipping Box
    Packing Materials
Services: Restring, OR repair,
replace cord lock.

Sale $75
Silhouette Cordloop

  • 1 shade (up to 60in
  • Free Return Shipping
  • Free Shipping Box
    Packing Materials
Services: Repair, Replace
Cord Loop, OR Clutch issues

Sale $60
Roman Shade Restring

  • 1 shade (up to 60in
  • Free Return Shipping
  • Free Shipping Box
    Packing Materials
Services: Restring, OR Repair,
Replace Pulley, Cord Lock

Sale $75
Wood, Mini Blind

  • 1 blind (up to 60in
  • Free Return Shipping
  • Free Shipping Box
    Packing Materials
Services: Restring, OR Repair,
Replace Cord Lock, Tilt Gear

Sale $75
Restring Duette, Cellular, Honeycomb
Cord Loop, Clutch Repair Silhouette
Roman Shade Repair, Restring
Wood, Mini Blind Restring or Fix Tilt
* Cleaning price varies depend on the type & size of your shade & blind. Call 888-808-6772 for detail.
** Additional shade repair of $40 is for blind less than 40in wide, manual pull type operation. Cordless, Top Down Bottom Up,
Powerise is extra
Special Offer:
* 50% OFF Cleaning
** Additional SHADE REPAIR
$40 ea
Special Offer:
* 50% OFF Cleaning
** Additional SHADE REPAIR
$40 ea
Special Offer:
* 50% OFF Cleaning
** Additional SHADE REPAIR
$40 ea
Special Offer;
* 50% OFF Cleaning
** Additional SHADE REPAIR
$40 ea
We provide FREE Return Shipping to You.  You can
ship your window coverings to us using any carrier.  For your
convenience, you can purchase a Prepaid Shipping Label
using our commercial negotiated rate. Just add the Prepaid
Shipping option to your Cart. We will include a Prepaid Shipping
Label in your shipping package.  Just put the Prepaid Label
outside your box.  Call Fedex 800-463-3339 for the nearest
Drop Off Location, OR to arrange a Pick Up at Home.
Prepaid Shipping, Home Pick Up
If you need a Custom Repair Quote on your custom window coverings.  Please fill out the
form below, OR email us:
  1. Quantity & Measurement of your blinds, shades, or drapes
  2. The problems (broken string, does not tilt, cannot lock, cord stuck, etc...)
  3. Type of window coverings: (cellular shades, wood blind, metal blind, roman shade, roller shade, silhouette, luminette,
    duette, vignette, vertiglide, vertical blind...)
  4. Your blind operation: (Manual Pull Cord, Top Down Bottom Up, Cordless, Cordloop, Power Remote Control, ....)
Popular Window Coverings:
  • Honeycomb, Cellular, Duette, Pleated Shades
  • Silhouette, Duette, Luminette, Vignette Shades
  • Roman Shades, Roller Shades
  • Wood Bind, Mni Blind, Vinyl Blind
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Drapery, Curtains, Sheers, Valances

Common Type of Repair for Window Coverings:
  • Damaged, Broken Cords
  • Does NOT Tilt
  • Difficult to Open & Close
  • Frame or Headrail is pulling out
  • Remote control does not work
  • Fabric Damanged

Common Type of Blind Operation:
  • Manual Pull cord
  • Top Down Bottom Up
  • Cordless
  • Cordloop
  • Remote Control
  • Traverse

Popular Window Coverings Manufacturers:
  • Hunter Douglas
  • Graber/Springs  Bali
  • Kirsch , Levolor  
  • 3 Day Blind
  • Nanik, Comfortex
  • Timberblinds
  • Verosol
  • Louvedrapes
  • Smith & Nobles
  • Pella
  • Alta, Delmar, M & B
  • Prestige Window Coverings
  • Mark Window Coverings
  • Scandia Window Coverings
  • Kensington