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HONEYCOMB SHADES or HORIZONTAL BLINDS. If your blinds or shades are slanted at an angle

  • SOLUTION: restring (all the cords) will likely solve your problem. Don't cut corner, you must replace all cords (including non-broken cords), or your blinds may not work perfectly. Make sure you check cord guides. If there're signs of deep wear, they must be replaced or your new cords will be cut prematurely.
  • SOLUTION: replace cord lock. Your cordlock may also be worn out and either becomes too dull (can't lock the cords tight any more), OR too sharp (will cut/abrase your new cords prematurely).
  • SOLUTION: replace drums & cradles (if you have horizontal wood or metal blinds). If your drum/tape rolls are made of plastics, they'll fail eventually. Causing your blinds to sag & inoperable. Replace the drums. Make sure to inspect the drum support inside the headrail. Check the plastic holes where the cords route thru these plastic cradle holes. If there's crack or sign of potential deep cut, these cradles must be replaced (or your new cords will be cut prematurely)
  • SOLUTION: replace ladder cords (if you have horizontal wood or metal blinds)
restring broken blinds, window shade repair
WOOD, FAUX WOOD, METAL BLINDS. If you tilt the slats of wood or mini blinds and if does not tilt fully or feels like stripping:
  • SOLUTION: replace the wand tilter or cord tilter
  • SOLUTION: repair or replace the ladder cords. Ladder cords attached to the tape rolls (inside headrail) may be broken. Causing your slats to sag & blind inoperable.
  • SOLUTION: replace drums. Tape rolls or drum may be broken, causing the ladder cords to fell off. So your slats sag & blind can't raise nor tilt.
  • If your shades raise crooked or slant at an angle, your cords may be broken. SOLUTION: restring
  • If your shades raise up evenly, folds are not at the right place, your rings (cord guides) on the back lining may be broken. SOLUTIONS: replace rings
  • If the shades slowly sliding down, your lock is worn out. SOLUTIONS: replace cord lock.

VERTICAL BLINDS. If your vertical vanes do not tilt fully or feel like striping:
  • If your vertical feels "stuck":
    • the cord may be broken. SOLUTION: restring
    • the carriers arms may be broken. SOLUTION: replace the bad carrier arms/connectors.

TRAVERSE ROD. If your curtain traverse cord feels "stuck":
  • The cord may be broken. SOLUTION: restring
  • The carriers may be broken. SOLUTION: replace plastic gliding carriers & possibly master draw carrier.


  • If your shutter louvers keep flopping down or can't stay open:
    • SOLUTION: check the tension. Either add new tension screws, or add repair louver pins + tension pins in between louvers & stiles.
  • If your shutter louver & tilt bar are disconnected from each other:
    • SOLUTION: remove the broken cuff link, connectors. Replace with new connectors.

What are your blinds problems?
Potential Solutions
  • Blind or Shade does not go up or down
Restring. Your cords are broken
  • Blind or Shade is slanted to 1 side when pull up
Restring. Some of your cords are broken
  • Slats do not tilt or hard to tilt
Replace Tilter. The tilt gear is worn out or broken
  • Wand or Wand Connector is missing
Replace Tilter. Buy new wand
  • Hard to Raise or Lower, Cords do not lock
Replace Cordlock or Restring.

Cords worn out, Cord Lock Broken, or BOTH
  • Frame Pull Out Or Headrail is loose
Replace Brackets. Brackets are broken or installed
  • Luminette is hard to open/close
Replace brackets. Replace scissors. Replace tilt gear
mechanism. Replace Swivel plate. Restring
  • Pull Cord or Cord Loop Broken/Missing
Replace Clutch. Replace Cord Loop
  • Vertiglide cell is sagging, hard to pull accross
Replace Carriers & Travel Wheel. Restring. Adjust Cord
Tensioner. Carriers & wheels are broken/missing.
Headrail may be damaged.
  • Cannot lower or raise Roman Shade
Restring. Replace broken rings on the back. Replace
Clutch. Replace Cordlock.
  • Vertical blind is not moving across. Cannot
    Tilt. Slats are not moving together
Replace End Control. Replace Travel Arms. Replace
Carriers. Restring. Replace Bead Chain

  1. The main reason the string breaks in mini blinds is because the slats are not completely open when
    raising and lowering the blind. Blinds with slats should always be in the open position before pulling on
    the string.
  2. The shades are lifted open all the way to the top and then locked into place. The hardware, repeatedly,
    clamps onto the string at the same spot, which causes the string to wear through and then break.
  3. Be sure to always keep the blinds free of dust! Dust is the number one reason for gears and mechanisms
    malfunctioning in venetian blinds.
  4. Be sure to lubricate your tilt gears and vertical track with silicone occasionally.