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There are lots of different types of blinds and shades. To avoid the confusion, it's best practices to add the blinds/shades you like in the Shopping Cart. Rest assured, you are NOT buying anything. The shopping cart acts like a Wish List so you can quickly review your favorite selections.

Vertical are popular choice for sliding doors & large windows. The vanes glide across and stacked on the side, so the door is clear to enter/exit. It's lighter & easier to operate as there's NO lifting up (like horizontal blinds).

If budget is NOT a concern, the Premium Vertical Shade (Luminette, Vertiglide, Skyline) is an outstanding choice for beauty, luxury, and a piece of art in itself. Materials are: fine fabric, sheers, or both. For a sliding door (6'x7'), price starts above $1,000.

If low budget is required, check out the Econoline of Vertical Blind (Vertical PVC, Cadence Soft Vert, Custom Somner). Materials are: plastic vanes. For a sliding door (6'x 7'), price starts above $200.