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Most of carrier glides are made of plastic. With the excessive heat & cold at windows over years, carrying the weight of heavy drapes, these plastic carriers get brittled, cracked, and broke. Causing your pleated drapes & sheers to loosely hang out of place. The broken parts can jam your track & cord, causing it's hard to open & close.

The good news is: these carriers can be replaced. We recommend to replace the whole set of carriers, not just the broken ones.

If you traverse cord is broken, restring it is a possibility. Please see the restring diagram & watch repair video before attempting the repair.

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Traverse Rod Glides for Drapes & Curtains. DP70 Traverse Rod Glides for Drapes & Curtains. DP70

  • UV Resistance. White Plastic
  • Used with Hooks/Pins to hang drapes, sheers

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