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Click on the links below for VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS of how to record & replace.

  1. How to Replace Broken Cords for Honeycomb/Cellular/Duette Shades
  2. How to Restring Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades
How to put together Tassel Condenser

How to thread cords thru the cord lock (Bali, Graber, 3DayBlind)

How to Record (LEVOLOR) honeycomb shade

  1. Restring & replace cordlock, std.
    1. Hunter Douglas
    2. Levolor
    3. 3Day Blind
  2. Restring & replace clutch, cordloop
  3. Replace cordloop
  4. Replace cord tensioner & anchor
  5. Replace ultraglide (NO TDBU)
  6. Replace Transmission & Motor. Rewind motor.
  7. Replace Simplex spring motor (Dang)