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There are hundreds of color to choose from. Stay focused and quickly pick out the fabric & color that capture your interest. Do NOT spend hours/days to review all colors & fabrics, the more you look, the more confused you get. Stay focused !!! Most popular colors are NEUTRAL (white, ivory, beige, gray). The wide range of color & selections are mainly used by professional interior designers.

GROUP 1, most affordable, start at $
  • Vertical PVC
GROUP 2, start at $
  • Somner Custom Vertical
  • Cadence Soft Vertical
GROUP 3, start at $
  • Vertiglide
  • Skyline Gliding Panel
GROUP 4, start at $
  • Luminette
We all wish BUDGET is never our concern. Reality is: some of us achieve that type of financial freedom. Lots still have a target budget with some flexibility. Before you spend days looking, comparing, fall in love with the most beautiful shades only to find out you cannot afford it (yet !), here are some price guide to help you pick what you love.

Vertical are popular choice for sliding doors & large windows. The vanes glide across and stacked on the side, so the door is clear to enter/exit. It's lighter & easier to operate as there's NO lifting up (like horizontal blinds).