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REAR Tilt Bar Connector for Vinyl Shutter, Palmetto Cufflink.

REAR Tilt Bar Connector for Vinyl Shutter, Palmetto Cufflink.

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Product Code: 1558

  • Rear Tilt Bar Connector
  • Off White Color
  • Commonly used in Vinyl, Polysatin, Hunter Douglas Palm beach shutter, Palmeto Tilt bar cufflinks, TruView Rear Tilt Bar Cufflinks.
  • Tilt Rod for this connector is part 5243-CUSTOM

  1. Remove all the old connectors. If your shutter is more than 10 years old and at sunny windows, the plastic is very brittle now. Grab the tilt bar & pull out, all the weak links will break off.
  2. Insert the new connectors into the tilt bar holes
  3. Turn to the louvers with the small hole facing to the rear, then push the connectors in the holes.
TIPS: If the old plastic "pin" broke off & stuck inside the louver. Below are some tricks to "remove" the old pin:
  1. If you have a flat tack remover, wedge it between the louver & the broken plastic, pull the broken piece out.
  2. If you can't pull the broken piece out, then break off as much of the remnant as possible. Then use a sharp awl to push the old pin in (the louver is hollow, so the pin just drop further inside)
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