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Banded Shade by Hunter Douglas

Banded Shade by Hunter Douglas


Product Code: BANDED-SHADE


Designer Banded Shade by Hunter Douglas

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Banded Shade is a brilliant design. It combines alternating sheer and a solid band in a single shade. To control light & privacy, shift the solid bands to overlap. Align the sheer bands, and natural light flows thru softly. Adjust the bands to your heart content to allow: more or less light, more or less view.

Turn your windows into works of art. Choose from:
  • Interesting Bold fabric colors & textures
  • 3 different band heights, small, medium, large. The larger the band, the lesser view it is.
    • SMALL Band: Solid band height 2 7/8", Sheer band height 2" to 2 1/4"
    • MEDIUM Band: Solid band height 3" to 3 1/8". Sheer band height 1 7/8" to 2 1/8"
    • LARGE Band. Solid band height 3 7/8" to 4 5/8". Sheer band height 2 3/4" to 3 1/4"
  • Geometric Style that turns your window into a piece of ... moving art!
Banded Shade Fabric is in the Sheer Shadings family. It shares some common characteristics with Silhouette and Nantucket shade. The similarities are:
  • SHEER horizontal band look
  • Fabric rolls onto a roller tube when raised
The differences (between Banded & Silhouette) are:
  • Banded Shade has a ... solid band
  • Banded Shade band moves up and down to control light
  • Because of the ways the bands are constructed, Banded show less view as the BANDS stay VERTICAL when open
  • Silhouette/Nantucket has a S-shaped vane floats between the 2 sheer panels.
  • Silhouette vane tilts to control light
  • Because of the ways the vanes are constructed, Silhouette let you see more view as the VANES stay HORIZONTAL when open

Banded Shade Operating System:

  1. Custom Clutch with Cord Loop. To LOWER: Pull the BACK of the loop. To RAISE: pull the FRONT of the loop
  2. Ultraglide. To LOWER: Hold the cord at angle toward you, pull in short, even strokes. To RAISE: hold the cord vertically close to the shade, pull in short, even stroke
  3. Powerview is award-winning power control. If you like hitech & innovation, this is your dream comes true for automated window treatment control. Power by battery or electricity.
    • Remote Control connects to your shades via infrared. You can open & close shade from 30ft away.
    • Smart App (need Powerview Hub) give you the power to open, close, tilt vanes of your shade with your smart phone, iphone, tablet...
    • Alexa, Google Home (need Powerview Hub) has become an interesting part of our lives. With voice control, your shade lower or raise at your commands.
    • Automated Control is the ultimate (need Powerview Hub). In your smart phones, you can set up scenes (morning, evening, nap time...) and never have to lift your fingers again. For example: Your shade will open at Sunrise, lower at Noon, and close at Sunset (or whatever time you setup)!

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Banded Shade - Fabric & Color

Banded Shade - Fabric & Color