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Fabric & Color for Luminette by Hunter Douglas

Fabric & Color for Luminette by Hunter Douglas




Fabric & Color for Luminette Vertical Sheer Shadings by Hunter Douglas

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PRICE.Changing Fabric selection will affect the price. However, changing Color (in the same fabric family) will NOT affect the price. In general, light filtering (semi-opaque) fabric costs less than room darkening (opaque) fabric.

$ PRICE: The lowest cost fabric for Luminette are:
  • K30, Solarscreen
  • K31, Solarscreen Room Darkening
  • K1, Angelica
  • K18, Originale

Before placing order, you need to decide:
  1. How the blind stacked? RIGHT, LEFT, or SPLIT stacked?
  2. How much clearance from the glass? When the shade stacked, would it cover portion of the glass (less view), OR whole stack on the wall (more view)?
Please note that online color is for reference only. For accurate view of color & texture feel, please: