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Designer Roller Shade

Designer Roller Shade



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Bottom Rail Options:
* Round or Flat
* Standard Paint or Matching Covered Fabric
Designer Roller shade is slim, flat screen fabric with exotic print, unique textures, and room darkening fabric. Because of its flat, clean line look, it goes well with any room deco: traditional or modern theme.

Vertical Skyline is a popular choice for very large door and slider. It is also creatively used to make room divider. With Skyline, fabric panel glides effortlessly across the headrail and neatly stacked where you want.

The roller tube varies in diameters: 1 3/8", 1.5", or 2". Clutch size varies accordingly to match tube size.
The most common operation of roller shade is: Custom Clutch & #10 Bead Loop. You pull the loop to lower or raise the shade. Other operating controls are also available: Ultraglide, Soft Touch power, and Powerview.

There are 2 common bead loops: Metal and Plastic:
  1. Plastic bead loop is great in term of color matching with your fabric. However plastic bead is not as strong & durable as metal (nickel or brass) bead loop. So they tend to break sooner. If you have a large, tall shade with heavy fabric, definitely go with metal bead loop.
  2. Metal bead loop with Nickel plated or Brass are popular. They are stronger & more durable than plastic bead. However, over long time, the metal may create some stains (mostly cleanable) on your fabric.
When you order Designer Roller Shade, decide these factors in advance:
  • Opacity.How much see thru is best for you? Opacity varies from 3% (tighter weave) to 15% (large weave). Do you want Room Darkening fabric?
  • Valance. What type of Valance of Cassette do you prefer? Valance, Pocket, Cassette, or Fascia?
  • Control. What's best for you & your budget? Custom Clutch, Ultraglide, Soft Touch power, OR Power View?


Designer Roller Shade - Fabric & Color

Designer Roller Shade - Fabric & Color