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How to Setup Powerview HUB with APP and Remote Control

How to Setup Powerview HUB with APP and Remote Control



Best Practices for New Installations of PowerView Shades

  1. VIDEO: How to set up HUB WIRELESSLY
  2. VIDEO: How to set up HUB with Wired Ethernet
  3. VIDEO: How to Operate Shades with App on Smart phone, Tablet
  4. VIDEO: How to Discover Shades
  5. VIDEO: How to Add Shade to a Room
  6. VIDEO: How to Connect REPEATER to a Remote
  7. VIDEO: Operate Shades with Amazon Alexa
  8. VIDEO: How to Add Scenes, Manage Scenes & Groups
  9. VIDEO: How to create AUTOMATION

Powerview Setup BEST PRACTICES
  1. Update firmware in HUB (No account needed at this point. Just plug powered Hub in Router for 10 minutes)
  2. Always Pair ALL Remotes BEFORE joining any shade (whether you have Hub or not)
  3. Always Pair Remotes to HUB BEFORE joining/discovering any shade
  4. Download Powerview App (onto smart phone, tablet)
  5. Connect Phone to Wifi. Then connect phone to HUB (on SAME Wifi network). Follow app screen instructions.
  6. Discover Hub. Set Up & Name Hub. Follow app screen instructions.
  7. In App, create Room Names (ex: family room, master bed...)
  8. a/ INSTALL & POWER Up Shades in 1st Room. b/ PROGRAM shades in 1st room. c/ in App, DISCOVER shade in 1st room. d/ NAME shade in 1st room. e/ Assign Shade to Room (created in step 6).
  9. Repeat Step 7 in the next room
  10. Create Scenes & Automation
If you have multiple Remotes, FIRST Pair all remotes to create a Single ID network. SECOND: pair Remotes to HUB. Skip this step if you do not have any Remote.

FIRST, Pairing Remotes. Always Pair ALL remotes BEFORE joining any shade. If you only have 1 remote, skip this step. Video of How to Pair Remotes to a Single Network ID
  • 1/ On back of TARGET remote, use a paper clip to Press & Hold the Reset button for 6 seconds.
  • 2/ on SOURCE Remote, enter Programming mode.
  • 3/ on TARGET remote, Press & Continue to Hold Stop button (until next step "4" is complete
  • 4/ On SOURCE Remote, quickly Press & Release STOP button. (Group 1-6 should flash twice on Target Remote).
SECOND: Pair Remote to the Hub. Always Pair Remotes to Hub BEFORE joining any shade to the Remote. If you don't have any Remote Controls, skip this step. Watch video of How to Pair a Remote to a Hub.
  • 1/ on Back of Remote, use a paper clip to Press & Hold the Reset button for 6 seconds.
  • 2/ Keep the Remote & Hub closely together within 12".
  • 3/ Simultaneously, on Remote, Press & Hold the Stop button, AND, on back of Hub, Press & Hold the "P button" for 3 seconds. Always Pair Remote to Hub BEFORE joining any shade to the Remote.
Download Powerview App on your smartphone/tablet
  • Initial Hub Setup, either Wired method (preferred method)
  • OR Wireless method.
  • Discover Shades. The Hub will NOT discover any shade already joined to a Powereview Network. Therefore, BEFORE using the Discover function, & BEFORE joining any shade to Remote, PAIR ALL Remotes to Hub first. After shade is installed, joined shade to a remote, then you can Discover it.
!!! REPEATER Set up:

  • Pair a Repeater (gen 2) to a Remote.
    • 1/ Plug Repeater in outlet, Repeater will flash.
    • 2/ on Remote, Enter Program mode (stay within 18 inches of Repeater)
    • 3/ on Remote, press Stop button. Repeater should stop flashing. Video of How to Pair a Repeater to a Remote
  • Pair a Repeater (gen 2) to a Hub.

Professional Installer Extra Equipment (for large homes)
1/ Extra Powerview Hub (NOT customer Powerview Hub). Use smart phone 12V powerbank to power up Hub (so installer can move hub from room to room without losing power)
2/ Extra Router (NOT customer router). Use Hunter Douglas 12V battery wand/pack with male 2 male adapter to power up installer adapter (so installer can move router from room to room without losing power)
3/ Extra Remote

If you have OLD v1 Powerview HUB (black color hub) & would like to transfer existing date to v2 HUB (white color), Watch video of How To Migrate Data from Generation 1 Hub (black) to Generation 2 Hub (white).
  • UPH-H