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Polysatin Palm Beach Shutter

Polysatin Palm Beach Shutter




Palm Beach Polysatin Shutters

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Please note that online color is for reference only. For accurate view of color & texture feel, please:

Hunter Douglas Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ shutters are plantation-style shutters constructed with UV resistant Polysatin compound.
Enjoy the look of a finely-painted shutter with the toughness of UV-resistant Polysatin & water repellent. Perfect for hot and humid environments, Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Shutters are guaranteed to never warp, crack, fade, chip, peel or discolor, regardless of extreme heat or moisture.

Louver Size available: 2 1/2", 3 1/2", 4 1/2"
Just move the louvers by hand to tilt the vanes. Power tilt option is available.

Tilt Rod Options are:
  1. Front Tilt. Tilt bar is attached to the Front Center of louvers. Classic Traditional look
  2. Rear Tilt. The tilt bar is attached to the Back Left OR Right side of louvers for maximum view
  3. NO Tilt Bar. A Lantanna Gear system hidden inside the stiles is used to hold the louvers in place

When you have tall shutter panel, it typically has a Divider Rail to help control the vanes tilting more easily ( & put less stress on the tilt bar). With the Divider Rail, you can open/close the upper and lower panel separately. This feature is great for more accurate light control as well as privacy control.

French Door Cut Out is a fancy option to face lift your French Door to an impressive, truly unique look. This upgrade option costs quite a bit due to labor & technology involved to custom fit around the handles & the door. If budget is not a concern, this eye catching artistic look is definitely worth your investment.

If you have want shutter installed in front of a large slider, the panels will certainly have Divider Rails. The panels will be supported 2 tracks (top & bottom). You can choose either:
  • Bi Fold. The panels fold and stack on the side(s)
  • OR ByPass. The panels glide stay in front of the others. In general, you would need more clearance on the front to go with this option.
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