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Pirouette 3D Shade InvisiLift

Pirouette 3D Shade InvisiLift




Pirouette Shade

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Pirouette is distinctive shade in its own class. Exquisite beauty, innovation, vision are combined to create this timeless luxury shade. The 3D construction of Pirouette shadings bring a bold, luxury, modern look to any interior. Beautiful fabric color & textures come to life with the soft glowing veins. Pirouette is constructed with the Invisi Lift system- a revolutionary invention that let the veins float gracefully thru the sheer. The veins architecture is what set Pirouette as jewel of the crown.
  • You can close the veins flat for privacy & room darkening.
  • You can close and let the veins slightly float, creating a unique sculpted look.
  • You can fully open the veins to let them float 3D
  • You can open the veins partially to let light in, have peekaboo view, and still have privacy
  • The sheer backing reduces glare & filter harmful UV rays
  • Of course, you can raise the Pirouette all the way up into the beautiful cassette and enjoy the breathtaking views.
  • Vane Size: 4" and 5" Grande

Video of Pirouette Shade & Control System

Pirouette Operating System:
  • Easyrise
  • Ultraglide
  • Powerview
  • SoftTouch

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Pirouette Shade - Fabric & Color

Pirouette Shade - Fabric & Color