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Vertical PVC Blind

Vertical PVC Blind


Product Code: VERTICAL-PVC



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Vertical Blinds are an economical assortment of verticals offered in 3 ½" styles, patterns and colors. Available in vinyl and fabric. Commonly used over sliding doors. The most economical solution to cover large windows & doors.

Louver sizes: 3.5" straight vane

Standard Control system is PermaTilt with Wand & Cord. Optional control: PermAssure (Wand ONLY), OR Cord & Chain
PermaTilt: Wand AND Cord
*Turn wand to tilt vanes.
* Pull cord to traverse blind across.
PermAssure: Wand ONLY
*Turn wand to tilt vanes.
*Walk wand to traverse blind across
There are 3 headrail options to choose from:
  1. PermaTrak: lowest cost. RECTANGLE headrail with plastic arm connectors
  2. PermAlign. RECTANGLE headrail with metal arm connectors
  3. Paramount. CURVED headrail with scissored arm connectors
You can add the optional Dust Valance to improve the aesthetic look of the blind.

When ordering Vertical Blind, please know ahead:
  • If you want it: RIGHT Stacked, LEFT Stacked, or SPLIT Stacked. The stack normally stays on the opposite side of the moving door.
  • Is there enough wall space for stacking? If not, some of the stack may overlap the glass portion (which obstruct some of your view). Most people are fine with that. Some insist that the stack must stay clear of the glass for maximum view. In that case, you need to order the shade 10"-15" wider to so all the fabric stacks on wall side

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GALLERY: Vertical Blind PVC Pictures

Vertical Blind with PermaTrak headrail and PermaTilt Control

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