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Parkland Wood Blind

Parkland Wood Blind




Wood & Faux Wood Blinds by Hunter Douglas

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* Faux Wood is water resistant
* Faux Wood costs less than real wood

* Real Wood is made of Natural materials
* Wood Real has Beautiful, authentic wood tone & grains
* Real Wood is lighter than faux wood
* Faux Wood is very Heavy to lift
* Faux Wood slat may turn yellow when exposed to scorching sun all day
* Not recommended for large windows if you plan to lift them all the way up often

* Real Wood slat can warp in high heat, high humidity area
* Real Wood paint can bubble or chip in high heat, high humidity area
* Not recommended for large windows if you plan to lift them all the way up often
FAUX WOOD. Alternative wood provides amazing performance where water resistance is critical. This alternative to wood blinds has classic good looks that don't age. In realistic TruGrain® finishes or a large selection of solid colors, and with operating and decorative upgrades available. Faux wood is made of plastic, therefore and an economically good choice over kitchen sink, laundry room, and bath room.

REAL WOOD. Traditional styling and rich hardwood slats ensure Parkland® Wood Blinds complement the lines of any room. Fashioned to create a warm and inviting home, they’re available in a variety of colors and three slat sizes. Hunter Douglas advanced finishing technology provides maximum protection and beauty to your investment.


Parkland wood cornices are a great addition over any window treatment, especially draperies. With detailed hand craftsmanship in 100% domestic wood, in a selection of styles, heights and decorative options.