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Motor, Literise Spring Loaded for Duette, Honeycomb Shades. Cordless. 730011

Motor, Literise Spring Loaded for Duette, Honeycomb Shades. Cordless. 730011

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Product Code: 1614-1616-1618



  • Spring Loaded Motor for Duette, Honeycomb, Pleated Shades
  • Cordless, Literise
  • Commonly used in honeycomb shades Hunter Douglas, Comfortex, 3 Day Blind
  • Color Option: Black 1618 (strongest tension), Beige 1616 (medium tension), Grey 1614 (light tension)
  • Used together with Transmission, part #1627-1628-1629-1630, sold separately
  • Motors can be connected to add lift power. Up to 3 motors can be connected.
IMPORTANT: Please follow the instruction closely as errors can easily happen.
  1. Slide off the headrail cover. Remove OLD motors & transmision
  2. Connect the hole from the new motor to the new transmission male. DO NOT remove the White Motor Lock until it is fully attached to Transmission & Shade is in All-the-Way-Down position. DO NOT remove the wire lock on the tranmission (yet).
  3. Multiple motors can be connected for more tension strength. DO NOT remove the LAST lock (yet)
  4. Let shade roll open all the way down (a must).
  5. Insert the transmission hole into the shaft. Make sure ALL the feet of transmision & motor securely fit into holes of head fabric.
  6. Gently slide the headrail cover back onto top fabric. If you feel lots of resistance, the headrail edge may catch & tear the fabric. Inspect & fix as needed.
  7. Remove the wire locks from transmission.
  8. Lift the shade up, off the ground. It's helpful to have 2 persons. 1 person to hold the shade in freely hanging position, do not let it touch the floor. 1 person to remove the locks.
  9. Remove the white plastic lock from motor
  10. Test your shade by lifting up bottom of shade. You should feel tension. If shade doesn't not lift up properly, the motors are not set properly, or you forget to remove all the locks, or transmission is set incorrectly. .
NOTE: the color of green, grey, black (transmission & motors) in the instructions are just examples so you can follow the instructions easily. When you order, order the same exact color of your broken parts.

It's not uncommon that the lift strings are broken too. Make sure all the strings are still attached to bottom rails & top spools. If not, fix the broken cords FIRST before connecting motors & transmission.

If you are an experienced handy person and want to rewind the motors for reuse. You'll need #2 Robinson drive (square head) and turn Counter Clockwise. Need to make about 40 complete turns for proper tensions. If there's NO tension, your may turn the wrong way, OR the motor is not reusable. You also need to LOCK (with white plastic lock) the motor (from unwinding again) when the 40 ish turns are complete. This is not an easy task if you don't have the proper tools.

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Transmission for Duette, Pleated, Honeycomb Shades. Cordless Literise. 730015
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Transmission for Duette, Pleated, Honeycomb Shades.  Cordless Literise. 730015